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Miami Rapper Identity

We designed the logo for OE, an established rapper from Miami, FL. With 3 mix tapes and over 1.9 million views on World Star Hip Hop for his latest music video "Trap Money," OE has gotten a great deal of exposure in the rap industry. Originally, this client came to us for web development, but we quickly realized that we needed a logo to endorse the website with. Taking our own creative license, we put together this graffiti style logo, which plays on the overlap between graffiti and rap culture.


Yea Dats Me


Mar 25, 2016

On My Own


Dropped Jan 28, 2016

Trap Money


Dropped Aug 18, 2015

Best Friend


Dropped Aug 23, 2015

I Say I

OE & Sysho

Dropped May 9, 2015

No Games

OE & Sysho

Dropped Feb 27, 2015



Clock Work

Money Matters

Business Before Pleasure